LIFE & LEGACY encourages donors to fulfill their philanthropic goals while strengthening the entire local Jewish community. This program helps organizations sustain vital programs and services that support and encourage Jewish life throughout Nashville and Middle Tennessee, now and for generations to come.

  • What is LIFE & LEGACY?

    LIFE & LEGACY is a program administered by the Jewish Federation and Jewish Foundation in partnership with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation working collaboratively with local partner organizations.

  • Why Create a Jewish Legacy?

    Creating your Jewish legacy will help ensure that the organizations you care about will be sustainable long after you are gone. Everyone has the power to be a legacy donor and make a difference for future generations.


The Jewish Federation and Jewish Foundation of Nashville is excited to be a LIFE & LEGACY community. Our goal for this year is to secure 234 legacy commitments from donors like you. Will you join us?

Click below to learn more about our local partners, working together to promote legacy giving in Jewish Nashville.