"A lot of times the smallest things, being able to go to a concert, go to an event, are really tremendous..."


- James Fishel

Lori Ann's Father & Co-Founder of

Lori Ann Fishel Foundation of Special Needs



The Lori Ann Fishel Special Needs Fund was established by the Fishel Family to honor Lori’s independent spirit. Lori’s life was enriched by many opportunities. The family wants others to have the same opportunities that Lori had in life that provided her access to and acceptance in the community. Her family will remember Lori as a woman who loved life and made friends with everyone she met. She seized every opportunity to live her life to the fullest. The Lori Ann Fishel Special Needs Fund was established for individuals with disabilities. Through this fund, the Jewish Federation and Jewish Foundation want to ensure the continued existence of a dynamic, diverse, and inclusive Jewish community. It is our intent to better serve individuals with disabilities and their families.


In order to make this possible, the Lori Ann Fishel Special Needs Fund of the Jewish Foundation will provide incentive grants to foster a more inclusive community in three distinct areas of funding opportunities:


Individual Grants (Up to $1500)

Organization Small Grants ($500 or less)

Organization Large Grants ($500 or more)


All grants are awarded based on the applicant's needs, motivation, and completion of the application form. 

The Lori Ann Fishel Special Needs Fund incentive grant is made possible by a legacy gift housed and administered by the Jewish Foundation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee. 


The Federation would be pleased to help anyone needing assistance in the completion of an application form. For assistance or any questions in regard to the fund, please contact Deborah Oleshansky.