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With overseas partners such as the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), our Nashville community has strong connections with Jewish communities across the world. because of these connections, our community is able to support Jews in need globally and we are able to build people-to-people relationships with teens and adults alike in our extended Jewish community. Nashville has special relationships with the people of the Hadera-Eiron region in Israel and the Jewish community of Prague because of teen, young adult, educator, and other professional exchanges.

Partnership2Gether International and Partnership2Gether in Nashville and Middle Tennessee is a living bridge ‘people-to-people’ program that connects the Jewish community of Nashville to the Jewish communities of Hadera-Eiron, as well as the Jewish community of Prague (Czech Republic) and other Israel-interested individuals in ten other communities in the Southeastern region of the United States. The program exists with exchanges between the communities in Israel and the US (Nashville), involving educators, young leaders, and professionals. The Federations grants funds for Consortium-wide programming, and for programming that takes place in Nashville when visitors from Hadera-Eiron visit the community.


Jewish Federations of North America’s Israel Religious Expression Platform (I-Rep) was established as a process through the Israel office of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), to create sustainable change to the status quo in Israel on issues of religion and state while expanding the recognition of different forms of Jewish expression can be made possible.


Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) was founded in 1929 in order to take the lead in building the Jewish state. Over the past 90 years, JAFI has served as a link between the Jewish people and Israel, and has worked tirelessly to secure a vibrant Jewish future for generations to come. JAFI’s mission is to inspire Jews throughout the world to connect with their people, heritage, and land, and to empower them to build a thriving Jewish future and a strong Israel.

The unrestricted philanthropic support of The Jewish Agency’s core budget from local and global partners, including Jewish Federation & Jewish Foundation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, achieves a far-reaching impact worldwide, enabling our mission-driven activities in over 500 communities—a level of impact that can only be accomplished through a joint effort with our valued philanthropic partners. Core funding helps maintain and develop our global infrastructure, which ensures the operation of our extensive programming network, and positively transforms the lives of Jewish adults and children across the world. This global infrastructure also enables us to respond effectively when crises arise among Jewish communities, be they terror attacks or rescue operations.


American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee is the Jewish Federation’s overseas partner in advancing the Federation's goals of caring for the vulnerable wherever they may be, creating strong Jewish communities and connections in some of the most challenging communities throughout the world, and strengthening Israeli society by addressing Israel's greatest social issues on a national level. Together, we help and transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in 70 countries around the globe. The core support for JDC's global mission is critical to ensuring the realization of our shared missions and concerns for the welfare, strength, and safety of the Jewish People. The Core Grant to the JDC from the Jewish Federation & Jewish Foundation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee helps fund these core programs.


American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) grant helps fund the Former Soviet Union Feeding the elderly program. The JDC provides comprehensive care services to impoverished elderly, helping them live out their lives in dignity, and to meet their most basic needs, such as material support for food and medicine, homecare, and emergency aid in cases of unexpected needs (e.g., urgent surgery), and socialization programs to mitigate social isolation and loneliness. 


Jewish Agency for Israel’s Walking the Distance fulfills a critical need. Success in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) or National Service—through service in elite units or meaningful assignments—is key to advancement in Israel, providing leadership and technical skills, a sense of responsibility and teamwork, and networking connections that serve young adults throughout their lives. Placement in prestigious IDF units (e.g. intelligence, education, or combat) imbues young soldiers with skills and connections, comparable to graduating from a top university. These experiences open academic and professional pathways to opportunity. However, the number of youth at risk serving in the IDF has dropped to 50%, and those who do serve often lack the opportunities as their more privileged peers. Significant IDF and National Service placements are more likely for graduates of pre-army academies. However, such programs are expensive and typically last ten months. For Israelis facing difficult life circumstances—such as poverty, academic underachievement, and familial instability—the time commitment and cost are prohibitive. The young adults most in need of opportunities and support have the least knowledge of how to access them. Many of these young people possess the potential for success, but without pre-army programs, they are usually not given the opportunity to lead.


Krembo Wings is a youth movement, a leader in social change, the first and only of its kind in the world, for children and youth with and without special needs. Krembo Wings holds a social-educational, informal activity, once a week in the afternoon, in the model of individual tutoring - in a group setting. Most of the tutors are teenagers from general education. The joint activity contributes to increasing awareness of special populations and social accessibility while addressing their emotional and social needs and their integration into Israeli society of people with special needs.

Maksam network of neighborhood centers is committed to improving the future prospects of Hadera’s young children of Ethiopian origin and children of other immigrant communities by promoting their successful integration into Israeli society. Maksam delivers educational reinforcement and enrichment to elementary-aged school children, providing them with the skills and tools they need to complete elementary school with confidence and ambition.


Ethiopian National Project Hadera Space Program grant will be used to fund the inclusion of students in Hadera that will participate in ENP SPACE. This grant will be matched, dollar for dollar, by the Government of Israel. ENP SPACE works to reduce scholastic gaps and realize the full potential of Ethiopian-Israeli schoolchildren, thereby enabling their fullest integration into Israeli society while helping them emerge from the cycle of poverty


Hadera Young Adults Center is a partnership of several ministries, Hadera Municipality, several NGO'S and JDC-Israel. The center focuses on the personal development of Hadera young adults ages 18-35 and the social and cultural development – the creation of an entrepreneurship platform for young adults. 


Israeli Emissary (Shlichut) Program is a partnership between Jewish Federation, World Zionist Organization, and the Jewish Agency for Israel.  The program provides us with a young Israeli Emissary who has been specifically trained to provide Israel education and engagement programs for our entire Jewish community of Nashville and Middle Tennessee.  The partnership serves to strengthen the unique and multi-faceted significance of Israel in connecting the next generation of Jewish people to its heritage and homeland.


Taglit - Birthright Israel’s goal is to strengthen the Jewish people by building identity and connection through a peer group educational experience in Israel. The program has resulted in unmatched reach and impact; what first began as an intervention for diaspora Jewry is today a milestone—a rite of passage—for young Jewish adults around the world.


New Israel Fund (NIF) protects and advances democracy in Israel. NIF was founded in 1979 to actualize the vision of Israel’s founders of a Jewish and democratic state that, in the words of the Declaration of Independence, “ensures complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex.” As part of this central mission, NIF works within six key issue areas to secure freedom of and from religion, as part of a vision of a just and democratic Israel. We fight for religious tolerance, for gender equality, and against the ultra-Orthodox monopoly on Jewish life and practice.


Hand-in-Hand: The mission is to build partnership and equality between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel through a growing network of integrated Jewish-Arab schools and communities, one of which services the Hadera-Eiron region of Israel.


Leket Israel, the National Food Bank, is the leading food rescue organization in Israel. Unique among all other organizations that serve the poor in Israel and food banks worldwide, Leket Israel’s sole focus is rescuing healthy, surplus food and delivering it to those in need through partner nonprofit organizations.