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Whether in Nashville, Israel or any of the more than 60 countries where Jews live, your support is lending a hand for emergency services and vital needs such as food, shelter and medical care.


Through our partnership with local agencies your donations are helping at-risk populations get the assistance that they deserve with dignity. 


No one in the Jewish community should have to wonder where their next meal will come from or if they will be able to keep their lights on. Caring for others is central to what it means to be Jewish.  


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Kosher Food Boxes: The main goal of the JFS Kosher food box program is to free up money to help the family pay for other basic necessities.  The current value of the contents of a Kosher Food Box is approximately $60.  JFS serves Jewish families who are experiencing chronic economic stress.  Many working families and seniors are not able to make ends meet each month on an ongoing basis, causing them to have to make choices between food and necessities such as medicine.  Other families are in acute financial stress due to various reasons including job loss, rising fuel costs and utility bills, and cost of living increases while their income is not increasing.  The average monthly income of eligible participants is less than $1000 per month.  Another goal of the program is for the family to meet with an LCSW for qualification for the program, thus enabling them to access other services of the agency.  Every year, each family re-submits their financials to be qualified to receive the Kosher Food Boxes.   The benefit is that since this is an ongoing relationship, the therapist may connect the family with additional resurces, provide counseling or budgeting tips.


Jewish Family Service Emergency Financial Assistance is established to alleviate a temporary financial crisis being experienced by a Jewish individual who is financially self-sufficient but may be confronting a temporary cash-flow crisis.  Funds can be utilized for:  rent or mortgage payments, utilities, food, or other emergency needs.


Jewish Family Service Information and Referral is a program whereby Jewish Family Service social workers link individuals with services that can meet their need when JFS does not directly provide the service, when the need is greater than JFS alone can meet, or when the caller does not meet criteria for being served through JFS. JFS social workers also act as a resource for rabbis, educators, Jewish professionals to connect their constituents to the proper resources or work though an issue that may arise through Professional Consultation and Referral.


Jewish Family Service Family Life Education Programs focus on prevention and education. The goal is to address emerging concerns or needs which impact families and the community through programs directed toward empowering, protecting or informing the population about a particular issue.


Jewish Family Service Case Management program serves individuals, couples, families and groups who are in need of compassionate, professional counseling services; guiding them through life’s obstacles and transitions in a confidential manner.   Counseling speaks to the highest level of performing acts of loving-kindness (chesed) and repairing the world (tikkun olam).  JFS’ social workers are compassionate professionals who help change the lives of people through improving quality of life for the individual, family and society at large. In case management our social workers collaboratively assess the needs of the client and arranges, coordinates and evaluates services to meet the client’s needs.


Jewish Children’s Regional Service: The mission of Jewish Children’s Regional Service is to enable Jewish youth to become well-adjusted, successful and self-supporting Jewish adults.  Scholarship assistance and any professional activities necessary to operate all the needs-based programs of JCRS. (Camp, college and special needs scholarship/subsidies, and holiday outreach programs that involves, either gift, gift cards and /or holiday products to isolated and low-income Jewish families across a 7-state region.) All above programs service families in Nashville.