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repro shabbat

with NCJW

About this Event

NowGen is proud to partner with the Nashville chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women, Jewsic City, and East Side Tribe for Repro Shabbat.


Repro Shabbat is an annual Shabbat celebration that honors the Jewish value of reproductive freedom. It takes place annually on the Shabbat where we read Parshat Mishpatim, the reading of which contains the verses commonly referenced as the foundation of Judaism’s approach to reproductive health, rights, and justice.


This event will feature a seudah shlishit (dairy dinner on Shabbat), a learning and discussion led by Rabbi Lindsey Danziger about the week’s Torah portion and her work with the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC) on reproductive rights, followed by a Havdalah ceremony concluding Shabbat led by Jewsic City.


$10 ticket covers the cost of food.


Saturday, February 10 5-7pm at Trinity Community Commons (East Nashville)

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