Israel Incentive Grants


Over thirty years of research on the impact of the Israel Experience has shown that teens are at a critical time of development when they are shaping their patterns of adult Jewish identity and loyalties. An Israel program can enhance or complement a formal Jewish education.  It can also affect those who may have been deprived of a rich Jewish life. Positive moments and memories are central factors in the development of affirming group identification. The purpose is to strengthen Jewish identity.


The next generation’s commitment to the Jewish people can be greatly affected by the experience of being in Israel as a teen. The Jewish Federation of Nashville realizes this benefit and encourages families to consider sending their young people to Israel by offering incentive grants. These grants are available to 9th-12th graders as well as college students through the Mary & Harry Zimmerman Youth Exchange Endowment Fund. Programs that may qualify for partial scholarship grants include March of the Living, JCC Maccabi Xperience, NFTY, Ramah, USY, Volunteers for Israel, High School in Israel and BBYO.

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Tania Bukengolts