An American Journo visits Sderot

Stacey Maltin, an American actress/journalist/dancer is temporarily transplanted to Tel Aviv, and is blogging for YNetNews, after being inspired by her Birthright trip. Here's an excerpt from a recent posting she wrote after a trip to Sderot:

Never did I think a place could exist where it was acceptable to have a playground in which every piece of equipment is a brightly painted bomb shelter. Never did I think I would visit a school that is a partial bomb shelter so if you are in class on the other side of campus you are out of luck. Never did I think I would walk down a street where every house had been hit by a rocket, and yet people continue to live there.

In New York every Saturday there is a protest in Union Square where people shout for Nazi Israel to stop its bullying. I would like to think that if this group of uneducated people were to come visit Sderot they would start to ask themselves who the real bully is.

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