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What is P2G?


The Jewish Agency for Israel's Partnership2Gether (P2G) Peoplehood Platform has become the paradigm for successfully partnering global Jewish communities directly with Israeli communities. 


P2G connects 450 Jewish and Israeli communities in 46 city-to-city and region-to-region Partnerships, engaging more than 350,000 participants each year in meaningful ongoing connections between Israelis and Jews around the world, through unique programs and one-on-one encounters. 


Southeast Region P2G Consortium:


Our partnership is one of 46 partnerships connecting 450 global Jewish communities with 97 communities in Israel. 


The Partnership is dedicated to creating relationships and encouraging connections between individuals and groups from diverse professionals and social backgrounds in face-to-face and ‘People-to-People’ encounters. 


Such encounters encourage cooperation, mutual learning, and tolerance while strengthening peoples’ sense of belonging to the Jewish people and Israel.


For more information please visit the Southeast Consortium website.

Nashville is one of thirteen communities that make up the Southeastern Consortium, which partners with Prague in Europe and the Hadera-Eiron Region in Israel. For more details on the different communities check out the P2G Hadera-Eiron website.



Youth/Teen Activities


Get Connected! 

The Get Connected! program is designed to provide Nashville's students with a connection to a deeper sense of their Judaism, their peers in the Nashville community, to Israel and its' people, and Israeli teens from the Hadera-Eiron Region. 


Youth Summer Experience 

This project establishes a living bridge between youth from the region and youth from the partnership communities, strengthens Jewish identity, and hopefully encourages young American teens to visit Israel. 



Adult Programming


Leadership2Gether (L2G)

A joint leadership study program consisting of groups of young professional adults in each community and cross-communities. The program takes advantage of current communication technology to engage Israelis & Americans paired together for a Havruta (one-on-one learning sessions). 


Cultural and Professional Exchanges

From firefighters and physicians to artists, the P2G program has enabled cultural and professional exchanges of people traveling to and from Israel. These exchanges have fostered relationships that help peers connect and learn from one another on a deeper level.


Educator Exchanges

Through the Partnership on an annual basis, educators travel either to Israel or from Israel to the United States and engage in on-site professional development. 



The program is designed to increase abilities and confidence in speaking, reading, and writing English for school-age children in grades 6-12 in the Hadera-Eiron Region of Israel. Each student is assigned an educator from one of our Southeast Consortium communities for eight one-on-one learning sessions.


Additional Experiences



Virtual Programming

Since the onset of the pandemic in March of 2020, the Partnership pivoted to virtual programming. P2G has offered a variety of virtual experiences from cooking demonstrations to virtual tours and lessons to accommodate the varying restrictions on traveling and gatherings. 


Upcoming Activities

Nashville’s Partnership committee is busy on a year-round basis, be it with virtual programs with speakers from Israel and around the world or, when permitted, in-permission exchanges with Israelis from our Partnership region. There is always something for everyone to engage with. Every upcoming program of the Partnership will be advertised through the Federation’s website and weekly e-blast. 

Special Events
During any year, the local Partnership Committee will host special guests, such as visitors from the Hadera-Eiron Region, to the community who are associated with the P2G program.




"Partnership (P2G) was a transformational, life-changing program. After spending months connecting virtually with my assigned partner, I traveled to Israel for Purim and saw the country differently than any other time I’d been there, and returned the favor when my partner and a group of Israelis visited Nashville, TN later that same year. Through Partnership, I had the opportunity to build relationships with those in our sister region in Israel as well as across the southwest and in my own city of Nashville! Little did I know, I would also better connect with my future fiancé by joining the Partnership program!"


Hayley Levy

"The partnership program is one of my favorite Jewish groups. Through P2G I have made lifelong friends, met my fiancé, and deepened my connection to Israel. Prior to the partnership, I had visited Israel a few times as a tourist. I now feel like a local. I truly believe that if I needed to, I could hop on a plane to Israel this evening, and arrive tomorrow with a number of households and ‘family’ ready to take me in. I have also built lasting Jewish connections in our region, and one of those people even moved to TN! P2G is incredible and I recommend it to everyone!"


Jacob Kupin


I have been blessed to be in the right place at the right time - to meet and build relationships with the people that would make my Jewish experience as amazing as it could possibly be. I would not be involved the way I am if not for Partnership2Gether. I encountered P2G when my husband and I went to Israel with the Federation's CommUnity mission in 2016. P2G, and later the Leadership2Gether program, connected me to Israel - it made Israel real - a sentiment that is not unique. That's what this is about. Connecting to Israel and developing a deeper sense of Judaism beyond your personal and physical borders. We hope that the information provided on this page helps you understand what the Partnership is, who the Partnership is, and how the P2G Southeastern Consortium's programs create meaningful, life-long friendships and extended families.  I can't wait to meet you and hear your P2G stories!


Christie Wiemers (P2G Chair)

If you have personal experiences or stories to share about your time with P2G, please email Adam Bronstone.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Nashville’s P2G program


How do I get involved in the Jewish Federation’s Partnership program with Israel?

The easiest and fastest way to learn more about the local P2G program, and to become involved in the program is by contacting Adam Bronstone. Adam is the Director of Israel Partnerships for the Jewish Federation and Foundation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Adam can be reached at or by phone at 615-354-1687. 


In what ways can a person become involved in the Partnership?

There are many ways one can become involved in the Partnership program. Teens, for example, can be a part of the ‘Get Connected!’ program, and young adults can take part in Leadership2Gether (L2G). The Federation also sponsors and leads trips to Israel that have a ‘partnership’ component to them with a visit to our partner region, and these trips are for people of all ages. Over the course of any year, we host visitors from our region, and always are looking for people to be home hospitality hosts, which is another way one can become involved in this partnership.