27 2021

Nashville Earth Seder

5:30PM - 8:30PM  

Rabbi Jessica K. Shimberg's Zoom Room - Virtual Event

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Passover (Pesach), our Festival of Freedom, has deep ecological underpinnings. Our Jewish calendar has kept us connected to the earth and its seasons for millennia. We are a people of the land, agrarian in our roots, and our sacred values remind us of our continuing responsibility for its care.
Even as our holy days revolve around a shared pastoral experience of the seasons, many of us - urban and suburban dwellers - can feel distanced from the Earth, its rhythms and where humanity fits within the web of life. The climate crisis can feel overwhelmingly difficult - a mitzrayim of our own making.
Guided by The Promise of the Land - a gorgeous hagadah created by R' Ellen Bernstein, our Earth Seder will provide a meaningful and shared opportunity and more nuanced framing in which to explore an Earth-informed view of freedom.
Please register for the seder to ensure your place at the virtual table. Registration will also give you an opportunity to purchase the Promise of the Land hagadah and a Havdalah candle.
To express interest in and register for the Earth Seder, contact Rabbi Shimberg or go to the link on the Facebook Event page for "Nashville's Earth Seder."