Nashville CommUNITY Trip: Spain & Portugal 2020 


Trip begins on Ground in Madrid March 15-22
Extension Travel to Portugal March 22-26

Chaired by Larry and Carol Hyatt


Our CommUNITY is traveling again.  This time to Spain & Portugal in 2020. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to travel to Spain & Portugal as a community. 


What makes each mission truly unique is its sense of purpose, guaranteeing our travelers a heightened appreciation and connection to their Jewish identity. Our missions aren’t passive experiences. They’re active adventures, engaging the mind, heart, soul and body. We’ll explore local communities and their histories while traveling in the footsteps of our ancestors by foot, bus and plane to make up-close and personal contact with the many marvels of Jewish existence. 


You’ll witness firsthand the extraordinary efforts of rebuilding a Jewish community following the Jewish community expulsion in 1492. We will have experiences with the challenges facing the revitalization of Jewish communities today. The main trip will begin on the ground in Madrid, Spain on March 15, 2020. In order to arrive in Madrid in time for the trip to begin flight arrangements will need to depart no later than March 14 from Nashville. **Flight 
arrangements are on own.  



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