23 2016

GJCC NYM Better Eating Through Mindfulness

6:30PM - 7:30PM  

GJCC Senior Lounge 801 Percy Warner Blvd
Nashville, TN 37205
615-356-7170 info@nashvillejcc.org

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Does knowledge always translate into action? For many of us the answer is no.

If you were asked "what is better for you, a cup of broccoli or a cup of ice cream?" would you hesitate in answering? We may know the answer, but we may not always act on our knowledge. We are truly creatures of habits. Changing habits is incredibly hard, it requires patience, changing routines, and, most importantly, forgiving and accepting yourself.

A very important step in attaining our wellness goals is to re-examine our behavior and motivations. We need to start learning not only what to eat or how to exercise, but why we eat. Do you eat because you are bored, or because you caught a whiff of something delicious, or was it a food commercial of a pancake breakfast that you just saw on TV?

Instructor: Polina Vorobeychik, R.D., M.P.H., L.D.N., is a registered and licensed dietitian, and an advocacy chair for Nashville Academy of Nutrition and Die

This is a free program, but please register in advance.