Many are struggling to frame and critically consider the surge in antisemitism in many countries around the world.  The resources below are a start towards providing current information, as well as background material to contextualize some of the history that brought us to the acts of antisemitism, particularly in the United States. 


The links below have been selected and shared as suggestions and we know there are many other valuable sources available. We will continue to update and share information that could be helpful.


Please note that the information below has been constructed by third parties. The opinions, facts, and any media content in them are presented solely by the authors, and neither the Jewish Federation & Jewish Foundation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee nor its partners assume any responsibility for them. 

If you or someone you know have experienced or witnessed an incident of antisemitism, please fill out the incident form by clicking the button below.



Resources for Parents and Teens

JCRC of Greater Washington: Israel Teen Resources (applicable to parents of all aged children)

BBYO: Speaking Out Against Antisemitism

No Place for Hate in Nashville 

We thank everyone locally and nationally who expressed collective outrage regarding the offensiveness of Nazi and Holocaust imagery to promote a political agenda here in Nashville. This level of willful ignorance and craven cruelty is a disservice to the memory of the six million Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust. The Jewish community of Nashville is heartfelt in appreciation of everyone who messaged us, commented, posted and acted to ensure that hate does not thrive in our community.
In the coming days, the Jewish community will continue to call on all Nashvillians, including religious, civic, business and political organizations and leaders, to work with us to make sure that our community is one of respect, love, and belonging. This is a time to continue to come together as a community with positive action, to ensure that Nashville is a no hate community, where everyone feels safe, welcome and included.
The immediate action requested is to urge Members of Congress to help fight antisemitism. This form makes it easy to automatically email or call your representatives.
We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we will continue to post updates on the actions that are being taken.