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Myths and Facts
Mitchell G. Bard


"Muslim schools in the United States teach tolerance of Judaism and other faiths, and promote coexistence with Israel."


While it is well-known that many Muslim schools in Arab and Islamic countries indoctrinate students with hatred of Jews and Israel, it was only recently revealed that similar teachings are prevalent in the United States. Islamic schools in Virginia (not Taliban schools in Afghanistan or conservative schools in Iran or Saudia Arabia), for example, have maps of the Middle East in their classrooms that are missing Israel. One one map Israel was blackened out and replaced wtith "Palestine." An 11th grade textbook teaches that one sign of the Day of Judgment will be that Muslims will fight and kill Jews, who will hide behind trees that say, "Oh Muslim, Oh servant of God, here is a Jew hiding behind me. come here and kill him" (Washington Post, February 25, 2002).

The attacks are not only against Jews, but also Christians. Students are taught, for example that the Day of Judgment won't come until Jesus Christ returns to Earth, breaks the cross, and converts everyone to Islam.

The schools are legally allowed to teach whatever they want as long as they meet state requirements.